Friday, April 11, 2008


A group of alumni from Belen, my alma mater, have written an open letter to me about the Charlie Rangel thing and the Herald is asking me about it. I can't believe those backstabbing pricks. Don't they see that they are ruining MY CHANCE to be someone?

All they say is "Fidel, Rangel blah blah blah!" I'm sick of it. I need Charlie Rangel. I'm not backing down. Nobody gives a shit about Cuba anymore anyway. At least not in the 25th district.

We're three days into this scandal there's no sign of it going away. And the fund raiser is still a couple of weeks away.

I know what I'll do, I'll put together a list of Belen alums that support me. That'll show 'em.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

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