Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm baaaaaack!

Long time, no blog. Shit, I forgot my password (must be all the coke I've done has burned one too many brain cells) and it's taken forever the assholes at google to give me access to my own goddamned blog. Anyway, I'm back and I'll be refreshing the look of this blog to reflect my 2012 campaign, Yay! I didn't even bother blogging in the last election. I mean I knew if I couldn't win on Obama's coattails I wasn't going to win in the year of the Tea Party. That campaign was just a sham so I could raise funds and live off of other people's money. Why work if you don't really have to? That's my motto! Anyway, stay tuned. More exciting news is coming. Toodooloo.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy fucking shit!

Man, I'm sorry about not blogging lately it's just that the convention was crazy with a capital "C". A lot of snow in that football stadium that Thursday night and I'm not talking about the kind that falls from the sky. Anyway, it was a great speech by my buddy Barry but those fucking REPUBICS stole his thunder by nominating that cunt Sarah Palin. What the fuck is a "hockey mom" anyway? Why does everyone think that's funny or cute or something. Who the fuck cares about that kind of shit? What the country needs is socialized medicine and instead we're concerned about some gun-toting bitch with a retard kid. Jesus H. Christ. Now it looks like Florida is lost. It was going to be hard enough for me to beat dumbass Diaz-Balart as it was, but people are now starting to shift toward McCain in droves. There's even a bunch of dumb bitches called PUMAs that are still pissy about Hillary losing. Get over it you whiny whores, you're gonna blow it for all of us. Everything was going so well and now it's all turning out so shitty. I want to be a representative in the House of Representatives or else get me a nice patronage job. I don't want to work. I hate work. Hockey mom, my ass! Screw her. We gotta Swift Boat her.

Joe Garcia Democrat for Congress in Florida's 25th district running against Republican Mario Diaz-Balart.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Greetings from Denver

This convention is going to be more fun than a donkey show in Tijuana. My man Barack has picked Joe Biden to be his running mate which is awesome for me. I mean I can make up bumper stickers that say "Barack & Joe in 08!" Sweet. I'm really enjoying this shit. Even if I lose, I'm going to do this again in 2010. I mean how else would a shlub like me have access to over $1 million. One FUCKING million, are you kidding me? I get to ride around in limos, hobnob with very important people and give my flunky buddies jobs. This is so goddamned easy.

Gotta run, I'm going to go have a drink with Jimmy Carter.

'I have sinned'

I bet you have you sly sonofabitch, I bet you have!

Joe Garcia, Democrat for congress in Florida's 25th congressional district running against Mario Diaz-Balart.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meet my donors, Part 1

I've decided to start a new feature on the old blog here called "meet my donors." It's my way of saying thank you to those people who give who are supporting me. These are some of our community's finest leaders. First up Bernardo Benes, on the right in the picture (duh).

Bernardo is great guy. You can read his memoir entitled "My Secret Conversations with Fidel Castro" here.

Bernardo opened up his checkbook and gave me $50.

Thanks Bernardo, for your generous contribution.

Joe Garcia, Democrat for Congress in Florida's 21st Congressional district running against Mario Diaz-Balart, Republican incumbent.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Election Update

Sorry about the light blogging lately folks, but campaigning is a bitch with a capital "B". I mean I never thought I'd get tired of whoring it up for the cameras but I have. It's all fundraising, fundraising, fundraising too. The good news is that I out-raised my opponent last quarter, the bad news is that that cocksucker still has a lot more in his war chest. I'm gonna change these campaign finance laws when I'm a powerful congressman.

Something else happened since I last blogged. Sergio Bendixen did some polls of south Florida voters and I'm close to my opponent. 44-39, with 17% undecided.

I never understood how somebody could be undecided. I mean if they haven't figured out that my opponent is a fascist Bush bootlicker by now, when are they going figure it out. Dumb clods.

The bad news is that the Cubans aren't buying my schtick about the travel to Cuba. I should have listened to Bendixen when he told me that strategy wasn't worth shit. Asshole little brother Diaz-Balart has 65% of the Cuban vote and I'm only getting 26%. Total fucking bullshit. Fatass Jim DeFede says the election isn't going to be decided by Cuban-Americans and it looks like he's right. I'm gonna have to try to convince a bunch of white and black people that I'm not a spic.

The other bad news is that Obama is doing even worse than I am, polling 21% among Cuban-Americans. If I lose my election and don't deliver the Cuban vote how the hell am I ever going to get a patronage job in Barack's administration?

Joe Garcia Democrat for congress in Florida's 25th district running against Mario Diaz-Balart.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Republican Bastards

These fucking pricks are ruining everything, all the plans I laid out. Take a look at this bullshit:

These assholes keep saying that Fidel wants us to win. I oughta sue every last one of those motherfucking photoshop jockeys. Everything was going great in my little plan to take the Cuba issue off the table in the next election. Even if I (or the two stooges I hand selected) didn't get elected , we'd bring some votes to my man Obama. How the fuck am I supposed to get a patronage job if Obama doesn't win Florida? Botellas don't come easy, you have to do some work to get them.

Joe Garcia, Democrat for Congress vs. Mario Diaz-Balart in Florida's 25th congressional district.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fucking Sweet!

I picked up my first newspaper endorsement today. Sure, it's only that weekly rag, The Miami New Times, but an endorsement is an endorsement. And they called me "ballsy". I love that. I'll have to draft a resolution praising the Miami New Times once I'm a powerful congressman and stuff. Luckily they didn't look too deeply into my past at CANF. I really did a number on that organization. The best thing about the whole endorsement is the fact that I've never won an election in my life and they say I'm the best politician of the year. Like I said, FUCKING SWEET!

Joe Garcia Democrat for Congress, running against Mario Diaz-Balart in Florida's 25th Congressional district. Sweet!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks Jim

My buddy Jim DeFede came to my defense on the whole Rangel fundraiser contretemps.

Memo to self: send Jim a BIG basket of fruit when I'm a powerful congressman. Make that two baskets, dude can put it away.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who the fuck is Stuart Rothenberg?

This prick is saying that I don't have a chance to beat Mario Diaz-Balart. What's more he doesn't think Raul "The incorruptible one" Martinez or Annette Taddeo have a chance either. This guy just doesn't understand the new reality in Miami and obviously can't recognize my political genius at work.

Another one for the enemies list when I become a powerful congressman!

Joe Garcia Democrat for congress vs. Mario Diaz-Balart in Florida's 25th congressional district.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My new ad!

Hey folks, check out my latest political ad. I ripped off a Paul Simon song and edited together a few clips from a couple of the Diaz-Balart brothers' one minute speeches on the floor of the House. It's so awesome to take quotes out of context and use them to portray these guys as one trick ponies. Man this politics thing is sooooo easy!

Joe Garcia Democrat for congess vs. Mario Diaz-Balart Florida's 25th congressional district

What a hangover!

Wow, that Charles Rangel sure can put the booze away. I had trouble keeping up with him last night. Between all the Cuba Libres (Ha!) and those Cuban stogies I've got a throbbing headache. And it takes a lot of advil to take care of my huge melon. Anyway, I pocketed a nice sum for the campaign and the abortion salesman, Victor Kovner, is happy. He's a guy I should be able to tap into again. I never knew there was so much money in killing babies.

Joe Garcia Democrat for congress vs. Mario Diaz-Balart in Florida's 25th district.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The big day!

Well it's the big day of my fund raiser with Charles "I love Fidel" Rangel and Victor "No fetus can beat us" Kovner. Can't wait. We'll rack up the big bucks here in the big apple. A few hundred thousand bucks buys a lot of Jheri Curl. They don't call me Joedilocks for nothin'.

Wish me luck!

Joe Garcia Democrat for Congress vs. Mario Diaz-Balart in Florida's 25th district.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I got suckered into buying a table at a breakfast given by something called the Christian Family Coalition. Of course I didn't go. Who wants to hear a bunch of religious wingnuts talk about free speech? I have better things to do like practice my speech for the fund raiser on Monday night. I mean it's much more important to get in the good graces of "Uncle Charlie" Rangel and that abortion salesman, Victor Kovner who's hosting the thing.

Plus I have to go to the salon to had my curls activated.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Strategy!

I finally figured out Mario Diaz-Balart's weakness.


I'm going to run against him using the premise that the 25th district (that I don't even live in) isn't getting its fair share of the other white meat.

More pork for the 25th district! That'll be my motto. Earmark reform, my ass.

It works so well too. Cubans may hate Charles Rangel, but they LOVE them some motherfucking pork. And I'm just the man to give it to them.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Wow, Raul Martinez is getting grilled for soliciting donations from county employees via email. I hope nobody realizes that I did the same for the Democratic party a few months ago before I was a candidate.

It's a dumb rule. That's what I'll say.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

Monday, April 14, 2008


Thank God, nothing in the Herald today about the Rangel fund raiser. Finally got that one behind me. Now I can focus on the task at hand. Just need to figure out something to get rid of those pesky bloggers that are busting my balls all the time.

I know! I'll send some folks over to start defending me in the comments. That should do it. There is a big brain inside this big head, believe you me.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thanks but no thanks

Why is it that the only sympathy I've gotten on this Rangel catastrophe is from Ana Menendez? That's not helpful at all. She's like the female version of Rangel to these dumb voters. And her column was laced with condescension toward me, what's up wit dat?

This running for office thing is harder than I thought.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

Damn Putney

He didn't give me any time to do damage control on this Rangel mess. Stupid baseball stadium and port tunnel talk. Putz just made my enemies list. We'll see if I have any time for him when I'm a powerful congressman.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Goddamn Bloggers

In addition to not finding any fellow Belen alums to back me up on the Rangel fiasco, now some fuckhead blogger is recruiting OTHER Belen alumni to sign the letter condemning my fundraiser ex post facto. That's bullshit!

Memo to self: Talk to campaign staff to create a dozen blogs in support of my candidacy. That ought to do it.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District

Friday, April 11, 2008


No go on finding Belen alums to back me up on the Rangel fund raiser. Even my friends are repulsed by the idea of chumming around with Uncle Charlie.


Press conference time. I'll play a game of six degrees of separation in which I'll link the Diaz-Balarts to donors that work for corporations who have foreign subsidiaries that do some business with Cuba. That should do it.

I'm also gonna get on my high horse and say that it's all about the 25th district. Hopefully nobody will realize that I live in Miami Beach, in the 20th district. Fingers crossed.

I gotta call Putney to see if he'll give me a few minutes to defend myself.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District