Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm running!

Well folks, it's official I'm running for congress against Mario Diaz-Balart, the youngest of the "Three Very Bad Bears". While Mario Diaz-Balart maybe "just right" that's not good enough for Joedilocks. I want things to be "just left".

The first order of business is fund raising so I'm going to see how many odious personalities I can enlist to support me in my candidacy.

I already have the support of Francisco Aruca, Max Lesnik and others in the pro-Castro crowd. Now I'm looking for some big names to help me out.

Joe Garcia Democrat Congress Mario Diaz-Balart 25th District


Oscar said...

You have my full support. I am campaigning for you among the hookers in Flagami and raising $50 donations. The campaign is based on donating the proceeds of just one fellatio for Joe.

R.T. said...

One blow for Joe. I love it.