Saturday, July 26, 2008

Election Update

Sorry about the light blogging lately folks, but campaigning is a bitch with a capital "B". I mean I never thought I'd get tired of whoring it up for the cameras but I have. It's all fundraising, fundraising, fundraising too. The good news is that I out-raised my opponent last quarter, the bad news is that that cocksucker still has a lot more in his war chest. I'm gonna change these campaign finance laws when I'm a powerful congressman.

Something else happened since I last blogged. Sergio Bendixen did some polls of south Florida voters and I'm close to my opponent. 44-39, with 17% undecided.

I never understood how somebody could be undecided. I mean if they haven't figured out that my opponent is a fascist Bush bootlicker by now, when are they going figure it out. Dumb clods.

The bad news is that the Cubans aren't buying my schtick about the travel to Cuba. I should have listened to Bendixen when he told me that strategy wasn't worth shit. Asshole little brother Diaz-Balart has 65% of the Cuban vote and I'm only getting 26%. Total fucking bullshit. Fatass Jim DeFede says the election isn't going to be decided by Cuban-Americans and it looks like he's right. I'm gonna have to try to convince a bunch of white and black people that I'm not a spic.

The other bad news is that Obama is doing even worse than I am, polling 21% among Cuban-Americans. If I lose my election and don't deliver the Cuban vote how the hell am I ever going to get a patronage job in Barack's administration?

Joe Garcia Democrat for congress in Florida's 25th district running against Mario Diaz-Balart.